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Words from Pastor Marye Anglin

Encouragement from Pastor Marye Anglin 

hat Ye Put Off Concerning The Former Conversation The Old Man, Which Is Corrupt According To The Deceitful Lusts; Ephesians 4:22 By: Danielle Miles

Have you ever “put someone off”? You know, that person who keeps asking if you want to go out for coffee, or that acquaintance who is now selling candles or totes or leggings and who keeps inviting you to her online party? It’s not that we don’t like these people; it is simply that their persistence has caused us to lose interest in them. Sometimes we may be “put off” by something offensive that someone has said, and it changes our perception of that person. Or maybe we go to our favorite restaurant and see a mouse scurry across the dining room. That is surely “off putting.” Old timers used to talk about being “put off their feed,” when referencing something that made them nauseated. It is interesting that the Bible instructs us to put off or avoid conversations with the “old man”– our former self. We are to avoid entertaining our old, sinful selves lest we begin thinking like our old sinful selves, which are corrupt and deceitful. How is that we have the sense to put off annoying or unappetizing people, but have to be reminded to put off our sinful nature, which seeks to destroy us? If we allow ourselves to reminded of this admonition, then the next time the “old man” comes calling, we’ll be quick to “put him off.

“Father, thank you for reminding me that I am a new creature in you. Through you, I am not who I once was. Help me to stay away from any likeness of my former sinful self. You have warned me to put off conversations with my old self so that I don’t dwell on my past. Help me to keep moving forward into the life that You have planned for me. Thank you for Your grace and mercy. Thank you for second, third, fourth chances. Thank you for making me new and help me remember that Your mercies are made new in me every day. Amen.